Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All things go, all things go.

(I'm starting to actually like Sufjan Stevens)

Some good things about today:

1. I DONT HAVE TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. I went to the gym. And watched the news. And listened to ATC's "Around the world" for some 8th grade nostalgia.
3. I had a fairly good crit today in studio. I was actually proud of my work, which means way more to me than any of Scott's comments (no offense, buddy).
4. Today in Imaging we got to search for YouTube videos....that had framing/transitioning things we should use in our own videos. So, yeah, there was a point. But how great is it that I take a CLASS where I can upload Mad TV's "Can I have your number" sketch and IT IS ACTUALLY USEFUL SLASH PERTINENT TO OUR TOPIC???
5. My cousin Joel friended me. Okay so that was actually yesterday, but whatever.
6. I successfully filmed, saved, and uploaded a video on my own personal camera. Meaning that I have Technological Skillz. Meaning that I don't have to check out a camera with the masses. Meaning that I don't have to drive my invisible car to Target to spend $15 on cassettes.
7. There's a post prompt on the GD Hist Vista thing that I actually WANT to write about.
8. Alison has a new Glamour. And it's really great. Did you know that condoms are only 82% effective?! I DID NOT.
9. Jamie showed me a sick new shortcut to get rid of counters in Illustrator. Do you guys realize how much TIME and ENERGY and BRAINPOWER this will save me?!?! This is the shortcut of all shortcuts, I'm telling you.

Some bad things about today:

1. My rain boots are officially not waterproof. On my way to the post office today, my feet (AND ENVELOPE CONTAINING BEAUTIFUL COVER LETTER/CD/RESUME) got soaked. My beautiful boots are kind of unnecessary...I may as well have trekked along Hillsborough St in socks.
2. I'm procrastinating to the extreme.
3. I have a GD hist quiz tomorrow, and I really don't want to study.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Okay, so I have a confession to make.

I have maybe only ever changed two or three lightbulbs in my entire life (scandalous, right?)....partly because I'm a baby wimp who's terrified of being shocked, and partly because I have tall friends (thanks Ana).

Anyway, my crappy $9.99 stand-y lightbulb has been on the verge of death for a while, as has the lampshade bit -- it's now completely cracked, btw. For the past week, I've had to twist the light bulb JUST SO and speak to it in a loving voice before it would turn on, but not tonight. Oh no. While tweaking and whispering to it, it kind of imploded? It made a low, growly, vomiting noise (I KID YOU NOT), and flashed blue, and then went out. I have seen lightbulbs flash blue and then go dark, but I've never heard that noise before. When I took the lightbulb out, a horrible burned smell came out of the socket thing. On the silver ring bit of the lightbulb (good thing i know the anatomy of a lightbulb so well) there's a large burned out portion. WEIRD.

So tell me, lightbulb-changers of the world, is that what usually happens? Or was this some kind of freak blackout experienced only by me?