Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The best thing about getting things wrong is when you finally figure them out.

Apparently my golden rectangle was "all wrong," with weird proportions, or something? I know. Yeah. This is the most upsetting thing to ever happen to anyone.

BUT NOW I REDID IT, after much clenching of fists and panicky placement of guides, AND IT'S RIGHT. AND GOLDEN.

Getting it right after having it ohsobadlywrong makes me feel far more accomplished than getting it right in the first place. I mean, um, I totally meant to mess up the first time so I could learn this valuable life lesson.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

this past week -- by the numbers

0 - number of times we (on the nights I've worked) have missed deadline this semester. hooray!

3 - number of ideas I currently have for my death penalty mailer.

1 - number of ideas I am SUPPOSED TO HAVE for my death penalty mailer. and I don't know which one to do! Help me?
a) twenty mugshots tiled in background, with one mugshot circled as the innocent offender, with red type over top saying "Q: Which one doesn't belong? A: One in twenty inmates on death row is innocent."
b) a map of the United States with 901 red dots concentrated in the South (representing 901 executions in the South since 1976) forming the Southern states WITH NO LINES
c) nice type saying "each red character on this page represents the number of innocents on death row" -- 6 out of 220 characters will be red, scaled up from 1 in 20 inmates are innocent

6 - number of emails I just sent in a 10 minute period about design staff stuff


600 - number of words I have to write about some designer's website. How many words do I have now? 0.

$5.50 - cost of sesame chicken purchased last night at Beansprout, even though the menu said $7.15. SCORE.

3 - inches of snow we are supposed to get tonight. Somehow I doubt that.

5 - number of words accidentally ommitted from typography book, from carelessness and/or printer error. I'm going to go ahead and blame the printer for this one.

3 - number of study abroad options I have right now: Prague (PLEASE SANTIAGO PLEASE!), London School of Communications, or somewhere undecided in France. Saying "I have this many options" makes me sound really fancy and knowledgeable; really I just don't know what to decide.

9 - hours of sleep I got last night. In my Durham bed. With my snuggly sheets. With no metal bar on side of bed.

$8 - how much my mom spent on a Bend It Like Beckham DVD for me (!!!). No this is not because no one likes this movie anymore.

$2.79 - price I paid for a wonderful toothbrush that has all of its bristles, is not splayed, and is purple.

Monday, January 14, 2008

lack of energy, lack of good post


I forgot to take photos for imaging.
I forgot to take photos of my type book and studio book for portfolio ie summer internship ie basis for career ie WHOLE FUTURE.

We made deadline.
We almost missed it.
We got really stressed.

Science & Tech looks AWESOME.
Sports looks dumb. Again.

My hair is greasy.
I want to paint my nails. I also want to go to bed. Dilemma.

Laura bought me dinner.
It was delicious.
It was McDonalds.

I have to read two chapters for Equine Science.

It's 1:25 a.m.
I'm still at work.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quick apologies and resolutions

So Alison just made me feel guilty for neglecting my blog (IM SORRY I REALLY DO LOVE YOU STILL), so I'm going to quickly apologize to Internetland for my recent absence. I had this thing called a BREAK FROM SCHOOL, which was marvelous. I slept a lot, blogged a little, and ate a lot of nice food. I also had my wisdom teeth out, which could merit many blog posts, but I think I've talked about it enough now, so I'll stop.

Except for this one thing: CourtneyJ got her w'teeth out when I did, except now she has this bone poking out of her socket. GROSS. She says there's searing pain etc etc and that she read a forum about how the "bone will just work itself out." That is disgusting. I really, really hope this doesn't happen to me, and I really, really hope it somehow painlessly works itself out of CourtneyJ's gum.

Okay, I'm no good at segues/segways, so I'm just going to list some of my resolutions here. In a year (when I am Cool and 20 and a Junior) I'm going to look back at this list and reflect on how many I will have stuck to (HA):
1. Freak out less. I freak out a lot. Namely in studio and at work. I tend to freak out when I have a "designer's block" (compare to writer's block), am running out of time, or the printer/plotter won't work. Freaking out and/or swearing and/or crying profously does not remedy said problems, so this year I should just not freak out as much. Freaking out takes more time than figuring out a rational solution to a problem, I have learned. Yes I am aware that I am incredibly wise.

2. Exercise more. This is probably on EVERYONE'S list of resolutions, but whatever. I really do need to. Even if I go to the gym three times this semester, I will have gone to the gym more than I did last semester. And how pathetic is that? And now we have the nice new gym addition with fancy machines and tvs and everyone that I have met at NC State in one room, I really have no excuse. Except for the whole working-three-nights and taking-18-hours thing.

3. Do something I enjoy once a week. Really, truly enjoy. And this shouldn't be food related....like "eat entire chocolate cake by self once a week." I mean something like hang out with friends when I should be studio-ing, going to the letterpress with Alison, or skip my office hours to take a nap. (Those enjoyable things make me sound like a huge slacker. Crap.)

4. Be nicer. This is pretty vague, but sometimes I get worried that I'm not a nice person. But I have a lot of friends (although not as many as Maggie's 590something on facebook), so maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe they're just friends with me because I'm so funny/gorgeous/insert flattering adjective here. Also, I need to be nicer to the WORLD (not just my studio- and work-mates) -- ie, I need to do Service Raleigh again this spring. This may or may not have anything to do with boosting my resume.

5. Buy a car. This will happen. 2008 is the year. Yes.

Right now I'm listening to Sara Bareilles' Love Song, and you should listen to it too because it's good. I heard it this morning on VH1 Top 20, which I hadn't watched since I was 13. It was so nice and relaxing to watch it while reading...it was like having a visual G105. Fabulous.