Saturday, January 19, 2008

this past week -- by the numbers

0 - number of times we (on the nights I've worked) have missed deadline this semester. hooray!

3 - number of ideas I currently have for my death penalty mailer.

1 - number of ideas I am SUPPOSED TO HAVE for my death penalty mailer. and I don't know which one to do! Help me?
a) twenty mugshots tiled in background, with one mugshot circled as the innocent offender, with red type over top saying "Q: Which one doesn't belong? A: One in twenty inmates on death row is innocent."
b) a map of the United States with 901 red dots concentrated in the South (representing 901 executions in the South since 1976) forming the Southern states WITH NO LINES
c) nice type saying "each red character on this page represents the number of innocents on death row" -- 6 out of 220 characters will be red, scaled up from 1 in 20 inmates are innocent

6 - number of emails I just sent in a 10 minute period about design staff stuff


600 - number of words I have to write about some designer's website. How many words do I have now? 0.

$5.50 - cost of sesame chicken purchased last night at Beansprout, even though the menu said $7.15. SCORE.

3 - inches of snow we are supposed to get tonight. Somehow I doubt that.

5 - number of words accidentally ommitted from typography book, from carelessness and/or printer error. I'm going to go ahead and blame the printer for this one.

3 - number of study abroad options I have right now: Prague (PLEASE SANTIAGO PLEASE!), London School of Communications, or somewhere undecided in France. Saying "I have this many options" makes me sound really fancy and knowledgeable; really I just don't know what to decide.

9 - hours of sleep I got last night. In my Durham bed. With my snuggly sheets. With no metal bar on side of bed.

$8 - how much my mom spent on a Bend It Like Beckham DVD for me (!!!). No this is not because no one likes this movie anymore.

$2.79 - price I paid for a wonderful toothbrush that has all of its bristles, is not splayed, and is purple.


MagAttacksYou said...

it's snowing a lot
but it isn't sticking
can we go to lilly's when you get back on sunday!?

Nosila said...

if prague doesn't work out i say LCC all the way!!!!! they speak english there.

also this was study abroad hiatus weekend so thanks helen. thanks a lot.

also i hope your weekend was lovely and please save me a piece of pesto pizza. <3

alison said...


i vote a). or was it 1)?


for i have been set free said...

HELEN. good use of the word splayed. quite an impressive use of toothbrush vocab.