Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quick apologies and resolutions

So Alison just made me feel guilty for neglecting my blog (IM SORRY I REALLY DO LOVE YOU STILL), so I'm going to quickly apologize to Internetland for my recent absence. I had this thing called a BREAK FROM SCHOOL, which was marvelous. I slept a lot, blogged a little, and ate a lot of nice food. I also had my wisdom teeth out, which could merit many blog posts, but I think I've talked about it enough now, so I'll stop.

Except for this one thing: CourtneyJ got her w'teeth out when I did, except now she has this bone poking out of her socket. GROSS. She says there's searing pain etc etc and that she read a forum about how the "bone will just work itself out." That is disgusting. I really, really hope this doesn't happen to me, and I really, really hope it somehow painlessly works itself out of CourtneyJ's gum.

Okay, I'm no good at segues/segways, so I'm just going to list some of my resolutions here. In a year (when I am Cool and 20 and a Junior) I'm going to look back at this list and reflect on how many I will have stuck to (HA):
1. Freak out less. I freak out a lot. Namely in studio and at work. I tend to freak out when I have a "designer's block" (compare to writer's block), am running out of time, or the printer/plotter won't work. Freaking out and/or swearing and/or crying profously does not remedy said problems, so this year I should just not freak out as much. Freaking out takes more time than figuring out a rational solution to a problem, I have learned. Yes I am aware that I am incredibly wise.

2. Exercise more. This is probably on EVERYONE'S list of resolutions, but whatever. I really do need to. Even if I go to the gym three times this semester, I will have gone to the gym more than I did last semester. And how pathetic is that? And now we have the nice new gym addition with fancy machines and tvs and everyone that I have met at NC State in one room, I really have no excuse. Except for the whole working-three-nights and taking-18-hours thing.

3. Do something I enjoy once a week. Really, truly enjoy. And this shouldn't be food "eat entire chocolate cake by self once a week." I mean something like hang out with friends when I should be studio-ing, going to the letterpress with Alison, or skip my office hours to take a nap. (Those enjoyable things make me sound like a huge slacker. Crap.)

4. Be nicer. This is pretty vague, but sometimes I get worried that I'm not a nice person. But I have a lot of friends (although not as many as Maggie's 590something on facebook), so maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe they're just friends with me because I'm so funny/gorgeous/insert flattering adjective here. Also, I need to be nicer to the WORLD (not just my studio- and work-mates) -- ie, I need to do Service Raleigh again this spring. This may or may not have anything to do with boosting my resume.

5. Buy a car. This will happen. 2008 is the year. Yes.

Right now I'm listening to Sara Bareilles' Love Song, and you should listen to it too because it's good. I heard it this morning on VH1 Top 20, which I hadn't watched since I was 13. It was so nice and relaxing to watch it while was like having a visual G105. Fabulous.


MagAttacksYou said...

Julia introduced me to Sara B. (I can't spell her last name for the life of me) last weekend! I really like her whole album. I admire your aspirations and I basically need to do the same thing. No more freak outs. Yes ok.

alison said...

Oh my goodness oh my goodness, I really like that song. It is on that commercial with the cute guy who just got out of the shower. And I also saw it on vh1 top 20 a few weeks ago. It's so great.