Saturday, December 22, 2007

No name

Today I went to Beggars & Choosers in Pittsboro with my mom, which was really great. Anyone who lives in the triangle area should go there ASAP. B&C is in downtown Pittsboro, which is like a smaller version of Hillsborough or a larger version of Stars Hollow. I bought this book "In The City and On the Farm." It's full of Stories To Read like "A Good Grocery Boy" and "Fun on the Farm." It's like DickandJane level, but with BillyandMary instead. It's superb. The illustrations are amazingly 50s, and I can't wait to trace/xerox them for some project. They use some kind of TimesNewRoman-y font that they also used in my kindergarten letterbooks -- seriously, they haven't changed fonts since 1954?

I also bought several neckerchiefs (sp?) and some Christmas presents for my bro. It was nice to be in a different place (ie, not Durham or Rals) for an afternoon, even though we ran into all my bro's Durhamite pals there, which was awkward and funny. In the Bargain Basement I found a beautiful quilted shiny yellow couch that was long and plush and comfy. I thought about buying it for a (maybe) apartment for (maybe) next year. Then I saw that it was $475. Bye bye, dream couch.


susaloo said...

that's such an amazing shop. my sister knows the son of the lady who owns it. he's like supergoodfriends with ben folds and some other awesome musicians.

also, to ease you of some pre-wisdom teeth extraction pains: my friend had hers out monday and i saw her yesterday. while she still can't eat solid food, she no longer looks chipmunky. so good luck with yours! you'll be fine. i promise.

alison said...

beggars and choosers is an awesome name. also the other day i went out to eat at this wonderful thai resturaunt and i thought my friend said her friend was majoring in typography and i said, woahh that is so awesome i didn't know they had that major and she said, photography? and we were both confused for a sec. anyway i thought of you even though it turned out to be photography... also i now love pad thai and it's also scott avett's fav food. also MERRY CHRISTMAS!