Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xmas spiwit****

****This little girl we used to know had a pony called "Spirit," but had some kind of lazy "r" so she called him "Spiwit." Now, every time someone in my family says the word "spirit" they pronounce it as "spiwit." I'm so glad we do.

The power just came back on, so I felt the need to blog. Even though we were decorating the tree/house with Christmas decorations, and I had no need for electronics at that particular time, I admit I panicked a little. Plus the whole we-need-heat-and-just-bought-a-crapload-of-groceries thing was running through my mind. I kept having flashbacks to 6th grade when we had that big ice storm and our power went out for a WEEK AND A HALF, even though most of our neighbors had power (wtf). We boiled potatoes and soup in water over our fire, and all bunked down in our living room. Yeah. That was fun for about 26 hours.

ANYWAY it's back on now, so HEY INTERNETZ. I love you. I missed you. I felt so lost without you. Oh, and at the top of the page look at a really great photo of our cement snail, aptly named Snaily, with some antlers to get you all in the Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa spiwit.


Nosila said...

Snaily is incredible. Can she come live with us?

Also I miss you a lot. Life is so lonely without helen!

susaloo said...

for a moment i thought the part about tree/house decorations was actually about treehouse decorations. of all people, though, helen, you would live in a treehouse. and decorate it for the holidays.

for i have been set free said...

YES BLOG FRIENDS. this could be even better than facebook friends!

ps that snail is amazing. are there 12 of them like the whole set of santas reindeer? actually. i really have no idea how many reindeer he has. since he's real and all...