Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They always need explanations.

I'm totally re-reading this when I get home.


1 day until I have to be finished with Fruit of the Loom stuff [and then reprint and respraymount everything]

2 days until I have to be finished with "how to diagnose lameness in horses"' poster for Dechra [OHGAWDSOLITTLETIME]

3 days until going away festivities [cake, champagne, and chinese food]

4 days until I have to pack [dear lord, please make sure my beautiful bedspread fits in my suitcase]

5 days until I ride Milly & have cake party [but not at the same time]

6 days until I fly back home [there better be tiny tvs on the backs of the seats this time]

7 days until my 20th birthday [NO LONGER A TEEN WTF]


16 days until we move in [red door here we come!]

20 days until clayton comes back [:) :) :)]

21 days until the first night of production [there is no one else i would rather panic with than these people]

22 days until we start the side ponytail revolution. and oh yeah, go back to school! [because I MISS LEARNING, and i miss my precious routine]

Friday, July 25, 2008

From the vault

I found these blackmail-worthy photos on my disk on key, and decided it was high time they were introduced to the internet.

I don't even think this was Halloween. Please note my brother's facial expression.

With Joanna/Lucy/Florence in their garden with the "Wendy House." Why is my hair in such a high bun??

Mom and Peter in our old house with our Easter Tree.

Peter, Simon, me, and Justin, posing with weapons in Gma&Gdad's old garden. 1994ish.

At the first show I took Blaze to. I love how the sky contrasts with his orange neck. I think I was juuuust 13?

BFFs Lauren, Jessica and I at our fourth grade graduation. I believe Tubthumping by Chumbawumba was our favorite song at the time.

Mom, Peter and I after a dance recital. I guess I have always been cursed with volumeless hair.

With Henry, the largest/best cat ever.

Mom and Peter with Ranger Rick centrefold.

My lovely grandparents at Abbey Court.


courtesy dooce.com
do you do photo credits on blogs?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Screenshot rainbow: Brighton

Did anyone else used to read Ranger Rick? I was a big Ranger Rick/wildlife fan as a child, and I used to love the section where they took really close macros of ordinary objects (zippers, velcro, fly wings, spider eyes) and you had to guess which object was which.
This is kind of the same thing, except with colors. Brighton had so many different vibrant colors that I wanted to focus on. Here you can look at Brighton's BRIGHTness, without the distraction of my face or Dave's face. Great!

[KEY: Red = painting in gallery on the pier, orange = mural in Churchill Square, yellow = paint pots in Julie's gallery, green = field with poppies on the downs, blue = sky above the Royal Pavilion, purple = my new dress (£5 HECK YES!), brown = stones on the beach, gray = dave's jacket, black = my old purse, white = sheep's wool, still on sheep]

***please excuse the different colored screenshots, i couldn't make them EXACTLY the same size :( :(***

Brighton trip: by the numbers

4: trains taken from Shrewsbury to Brighton
58 mins: total amount of time spent standing up on train from Crewe to Euston because previous train was cancelled -- meaning everyone from the last train got on MY train
30 mins: total amount of time an african family (seated) spent singing tribal songs next to me (standing)
50: amount of times i checked my purse for presence of cell phone, wallet, keys, camera, return train tickets, and jelly babies
£1.70: cost to take bus from Dave's house in Rottingdean to downtown Brighton (10ish minute ride)
[£2.70: cost to take bus from Rottingdean to Eastbourne to visit Joanna/Lucy/Florence (1hr ride) WHAT WHAT WHAT]
3: stencils made at Julie's studio: unicorn, cloud, hearts
£4: cost of my VERY FIRST FISH AND CHIPS dining experience
500: approx number of seagulls on the beach
2: celebs(ish) that i met, despite my unawareness of their celeb status: chris ellison and alison lapper
1: cheese pouch on alison lapper's wheelchair for clover the dog to lick
2: new kinds of beer that i (bravely) sampled
2: times i got spray paint on my head (green then yellow) before venturing out in public
5: minutes i spent stranded on the sidewalk when bus broke down (while trying to get to the train station on time)
1: number of banksy graffitis sighted
2: number of banksy graffitis in brighton -- we didn't see the other one near the pier :(

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Information that may or may not be new to you

I have always wondered what the difference between a "spot" and a "process" color is.
Sure, I listened when Scott and Meredith would tell us about how we could only have two or three spot colors, but I always kind of tuned out after that.
Yellow, black, red, white, GO.
Well, I know now.
Somehow, while working on Shrewsbury Bakehouse designs, I neglected to change "spot" to "process" in that drop down menu when you double-click the swatch (I say "neglect" and not "forget," because I didn't actually KNOW, so how could I FORGET?). So, when I went to print, an hour before the client was coming, none of my text or vector images showed up.
And you know what that means for me: PANIC TIME.
Eventually, I had to delete all my spot colors and replace them with process colors -- time consuming, frustrating, embarrassing, LIFE-CHANGING.
I hate making mistakes, especially ones that complicate my life, but at one good thing about being wrong is that you never make the same mistake again. At least, not in theory.
Here is my happy little swatch palette, with an EASY WAY to tell which is a process (GOOD ANGEL) color and which is a spot (SPAWNED BY THE DEVIL) color. The spot colors have a SPOT on the bottom right hand corner, and the process colors just have a white triangle.
Seriously, these Adobe people are GENIUSES!

Friday, July 4, 2008

You're talking but you don't say anything

Things I am excited about:
1. coming home.
2. maybe going to brighton.
3. getting my "fringe" cut tomorrow. for a pound.
4. finishing with deskwizard and la locums.
5. riding milly.
6. working tonight. friday = big tip night.
7. sleeping in on saturday. and maybe even sunday.
8. wearing my new jeans.
9. painting, decorating, and purchasing things for the condo.

Things I am not excited about:
1. coming home.
2. loading the dishwasher.
3. spending money.
4. wearing my same old black outfit to work. i can't justify spending money just to look cute(r) at work, but i want to!

10:4. Not bad, not bad.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Exercise in color AKA timewaster

The way it should be.
And the way I would make it.