Tuesday, July 29, 2008


1 day until I have to be finished with Fruit of the Loom stuff [and then reprint and respraymount everything]

2 days until I have to be finished with "how to diagnose lameness in horses"' poster for Dechra [OHGAWDSOLITTLETIME]

3 days until going away festivities [cake, champagne, and chinese food]

4 days until I have to pack [dear lord, please make sure my beautiful bedspread fits in my suitcase]

5 days until I ride Milly & have cake party [but not at the same time]

6 days until I fly back home [there better be tiny tvs on the backs of the seats this time]

7 days until my 20th birthday [NO LONGER A TEEN WTF]


16 days until we move in [red door here we come!]

20 days until clayton comes back [:) :) :)]

21 days until the first night of production [there is no one else i would rather panic with than these people]

22 days until we start the side ponytail revolution. and oh yeah, go back to school! [because I MISS LEARNING, and i miss my precious routine]

1 comment:

MagAttacksYou said...

HELLZ YEAH! Side ponytail revolution!!!!

I think you should eat the cake/drink the champagne WHILST riding your horse. It would be more interesting that way. And, I am thrilled that I got to used the word "whilst" in a sentence. It may not have been the correct use. Excited to see you!