Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Information that may or may not be new to you

I have always wondered what the difference between a "spot" and a "process" color is.
Sure, I listened when Scott and Meredith would tell us about how we could only have two or three spot colors, but I always kind of tuned out after that.
Yellow, black, red, white, GO.
Well, I know now.
Somehow, while working on Shrewsbury Bakehouse designs, I neglected to change "spot" to "process" in that drop down menu when you double-click the swatch (I say "neglect" and not "forget," because I didn't actually KNOW, so how could I FORGET?). So, when I went to print, an hour before the client was coming, none of my text or vector images showed up.
And you know what that means for me: PANIC TIME.
Eventually, I had to delete all my spot colors and replace them with process colors -- time consuming, frustrating, embarrassing, LIFE-CHANGING.
I hate making mistakes, especially ones that complicate my life, but at one good thing about being wrong is that you never make the same mistake again. At least, not in theory.
Here is my happy little swatch palette, with an EASY WAY to tell which is a process (GOOD ANGEL) color and which is a spot (SPAWNED BY THE DEVIL) color. The spot colors have a SPOT on the bottom right hand corner, and the process colors just have a white triangle.
Seriously, these Adobe people are GENIUSES!

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