Monday, July 21, 2008

Brighton trip: by the numbers

4: trains taken from Shrewsbury to Brighton
58 mins: total amount of time spent standing up on train from Crewe to Euston because previous train was cancelled -- meaning everyone from the last train got on MY train
30 mins: total amount of time an african family (seated) spent singing tribal songs next to me (standing)
50: amount of times i checked my purse for presence of cell phone, wallet, keys, camera, return train tickets, and jelly babies
£1.70: cost to take bus from Dave's house in Rottingdean to downtown Brighton (10ish minute ride)
[£2.70: cost to take bus from Rottingdean to Eastbourne to visit Joanna/Lucy/Florence (1hr ride) WHAT WHAT WHAT]
3: stencils made at Julie's studio: unicorn, cloud, hearts
£4: cost of my VERY FIRST FISH AND CHIPS dining experience
500: approx number of seagulls on the beach
2: celebs(ish) that i met, despite my unawareness of their celeb status: chris ellison and alison lapper
1: cheese pouch on alison lapper's wheelchair for clover the dog to lick
2: new kinds of beer that i (bravely) sampled
2: times i got spray paint on my head (green then yellow) before venturing out in public
5: minutes i spent stranded on the sidewalk when bus broke down (while trying to get to the train station on time)
1: number of banksy graffitis sighted
2: number of banksy graffitis in brighton -- we didn't see the other one near the pier :(

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