Friday, February 1, 2008


Okay, so I have a confession to make.

I have maybe only ever changed two or three lightbulbs in my entire life (scandalous, right?)....partly because I'm a baby wimp who's terrified of being shocked, and partly because I have tall friends (thanks Ana).

Anyway, my crappy $9.99 stand-y lightbulb has been on the verge of death for a while, as has the lampshade bit -- it's now completely cracked, btw. For the past week, I've had to twist the light bulb JUST SO and speak to it in a loving voice before it would turn on, but not tonight. Oh no. While tweaking and whispering to it, it kind of imploded? It made a low, growly, vomiting noise (I KID YOU NOT), and flashed blue, and then went out. I have seen lightbulbs flash blue and then go dark, but I've never heard that noise before. When I took the lightbulb out, a horrible burned smell came out of the socket thing. On the silver ring bit of the lightbulb (good thing i know the anatomy of a lightbulb so well) there's a large burned out portion. WEIRD.

So tell me, lightbulb-changers of the world, is that what usually happens? Or was this some kind of freak blackout experienced only by me?

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