Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BY THE NUMBERS: summer so far

School's been out for exactly 14 days, I'm now sleeping approximately 9 hrs/night, I'm getting sick of hearing Miley Cyrus played 209384023948 times a day.
Here are some other numerical representations of my summer so far:

7 -- days until I leave for England!
13 -- degrees in Celsius it is in England right now. That's about 55F. WHAAAAAAAT.
4 -- number of apartments/houses that I looked at yesterday (number of apts that were a waste of time/gas/breaths/hope -- 2).
2 -- number of raccoons located on roof at Grant Cottages, according to the Animal Control man, at least.
0 -- amount of exacto knife lacerations I've suffered since the beginning of May.
2 -- puddles of accidental rubber cement spills on kitchen table. SO FUN TO PEEL OFF, let me tell you.
18 -- hours of classes that I PASSED this semester. Never. Again.
1 -- number of Technician-related nightmares I've had this month :)
3 -- number of staffers present in the office yesterday. so strange to see it so quiet and empty!
17 -- times I've played Ratatat's remix of Kanye's GetEmHigh

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