Friday, October 26, 2007

so much dancing

Okay, I'm just going to go ahead and say that this blog entry will be one of those LOOK HOW FUN MY LIFE IS kind of posts, so sorry. Just a warning; but you should keep reading anyway.

So today was kind of a normal Friday, full of normal studio stuff (except that there was steam coming out of one of the pipes in studio and I thought we were going to die because we thought it was poisonous gas and we kept yelling WE NEED A GROWN-UP and then meredith came and turned a dial and everything was okay).

Then I watched TV and Maggie called and we talked about production and boys and D.C. and all the normal stuff. It was weird and quiet last night to not have the Normal Thursday Crew up there. I miss Maggie and Saja (and I guess Tyler and Josh? maybe).

THEN we went to Moe's and got chips and salsa mmmm, and I stole a drink for Alison because she's too nice to steal soda like I do. What a wimp. If it's clear soda (ie, Sprite) in a water cup, it's not stealing. If it's dark soda (ie, Coke) in a water cup, then it IS.

THEN we went to see Brent Dunnen/Avett Bros/Guster....We got there kind of at a perfect time, because we found REALLY AWESOME SEATS on the wing so we were kind of just right of the stage and were in the front of the balcony. Cams, Jamie, Alison, Lauren and I kept waving to Laura/Lesley/Emilia/Laura's brother/other Greensboro kids on the floor which was fun. OH HEY I SEE YOUR FACE ALL THE TIME BUT LET'S SCREAM AND WAVE AND BE REALLY EXCITED TO SEE EACH OTHER IN THIS COLISEUM YEAH OKAY. We also saw Alison Harman sitting behind stage and we hollered and waved at her, AND I saw Rob Fisher, Michele and Matt Walton right next to the stage, which was really exciting for about a minute. Phew. So many Technician people.

The Avett Bros were really good -- I think they're a lot better live than on their CDs. And so we all sort of danced and admired their sweatiness/amazingness.
Guster came on and I have to admit: I'd never listened to Guster before, which I'm kind of ashamed of, considering I'm kind of an indie music snob (except for my love of gangsta rap). But they were amazing. We went crazy and jumped up and down and danced like we've never danced before (no, that's not a cliche, that's the truth). It was really hot, but Guster was SO GOOD and they ROCKED OUT so WE rocked out and went crazy too. I haven't really enjoyed a concert like that since I last saw Jump Little Children before they broke up....In high school I was all about some concerts, but no concerts I've been to lately have made me feel the way Guster made me feel. I think we were also so stressed from the week that we needed to let go and JUST DANCE, which we did, and afterwards we all felt so relaxed and so happy, which is pretty rare for my little friend group.

THEN we walked in the rain to Harris Teeter, bought some Orangina and donuts, and sat amongst the pumpkins in the Harris Teeter foyer. On the way, we were so amped from Guster that we were all YEAH LET'S CELEBRATE LIFE AND HOW GOOD THE RAIN FEELS ON MY SKIN. On the way back, however, the rain was harder and colder than before, and then a car splashed Alison and I (intentionally? oh yes). So ugh. But it was all worth it, just for Guster. And now it's 2:40 and Alison and I are sitting here trying to identify the Guster song that I really really loved.

Alright. Sorry. My next post won't be so long. But this is all really important and fascinating info, as you all know.



MagAttacksYou said...


You should post pics of your sweet alien outfits.

And I missed you too!

Let's go on a trip (again) soon.

I'm thinking an escapade to the beach.

k-hel said...

I <3 helen.

i also <3 guster.


Nosila said...


i was reading this.

and being creepy.

and missing you.

so you should post another update so there is more helen to miss.


MagAttacksYou said...


-the blogger's union