Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What? What?

OKAY SO one day Maggie and I were talking about blogs, but I always thought that my life was not worth reading about.
So why a blog? Why now?****
WELL. It seems like EVERYONE has a blog these days.

Kelly Helder.

Maggie Luckadoo.

That's right. EVERYONE.

I later realized that my life is full of terribly awkward events that I can record here, so that's what this blog will be for.

A small example:
On Monday Jamie and Sidney and I were talking by the 3rd floor rotunda, and I decided that I wanted a drink, so I trotted off downstairs. Staircase #1, no problem. On the first floor of Brooks, I skipped (yes, skipped) past the faculty mailroom and said HI to our graphic design dean Santiago. Staircase #2, problem: half waving at Santiago, half skipping, I slipped down the entire staircase, flailing and trying to grab onto the handrail. Santiago yelled after me "Oh my gosh! Are you alright!" in his accent while i just sat in shame.
I'm going to go ahead and blame those damn steps. I don't CARE that they're historic. I don't CARE that it's cool that you can see where our design predecessors walked. IT'S JUST PLAIN DANGEROUS.
When I got back to class, I tried to quietly tell Steph, but I ended up laughing so hard that everyone in my studio overheard. Yeah. Great. Instead of finding out on their own how awkward I am, now they ALL KNOW. Thanks, Brooks. Thanks, NC State, for keeping the historical architecture around. Thanks a lot.

**** Special thanks to Maggers for helping me catch some simple spelling mistakes. You all know how I'm no good with the words.


Nosila said...

it's okay! it's okay! this one time, i fell down the stairs too! it's okay!

MagAttacksYou said...

ohhh santi. he and kermit should work to improve the stairs in brooks. they really are hazardous. TRY GOING UP THEM AFTER IT'S BEEN SNOWING! Believe me, it's tough. I tried a bunch of times back in the days of Art History.