Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5 very important things that happened in the past week

1. Two days ago, a cat peed on my curtain. Today, a cat threw up on my rug. WHAT IS IT WITH THE CAT HATRED TOWARDS ME? Also, the "cat" is either Missy or Leia. Not some random feral beast. Just fyi.

2. Today I bought lovely $6.99 pink stripey pajama bottoms at Old Navy. Now I don't have to wear my raggedy tartan ones at the office (so professional, right?), or just wear my underwear around the room. The pjs drag on the floor a little bit, and look kind of like pajamas for 6 year olds (is that why they were on sale?), but whatever.

3. I started reading In Cold Blood (thanks Maggie) last night. I've never really been into reading for fun, since middle and high school beat reading. all. the. damn. time into me. Reading For Fun turned into Reading To Pass This Class or maybe Skimming And Reading the Sparknotes so I could get on to my other homework. So this is a nice change.

4. My mom's large truck and I are getting along swimmingly. Today I drove it around Durham and Hillsborough without supervision, and did not run into any mailboxes/trees/small creatures/large creatures.

5. The Subaru is officially dead :( Either we could put thousands of dollars towards fixing his 175,000 mi. engine, or we could put thousands of dollars towards buying a new car. Guess which one we're going to choose.

1 comment:

Nosila said...

i'm glad you got pajama bottoms. now i can bring friends back to the room without fear of naked helen

and in cold blood was the scariest thing i've ever read circa my senior year in high school. seriously. i would stay up at night until i just couldn't hold my eyes open because i was so afraid of midnight killers.

i miss you.