Thursday, March 6, 2008

5 noteworthy songs

If you are as bored as I am over here on spring break, here are five songs you should listen to:
Don't stop the music -- Rihanna Don't laugh. It's really catchy, okay?!
Gamble everything for love -- Ben Lee I forgot how much I like Ben Lee...his simple songs are really fun and easy to sing along to.
Chop me up -- Justin Timberlake ThreeSixMafia AND JT? Seriously, you can't get any better. The best part is when you can clap along at the end.
King's crossing -- Elliott Smith Just a slight change of tone from the last song. Fast forward to the first minute.
Deceptacon -- Le Tigre Thanks to Alison for introducing me to Le Tigre. Thanks to YouTube for introducing us to this ridiculous video.
Okay there we go that's all.

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