Saturday, August 2, 2008

I hope the cows get at LEAST 25% of the profits

So last night I went to the cinema and saw WallE, which was adorable and environmentally-friendly (my two favorite things). We went to the CINE-WORLD, which basically looks like all American cinemas: awesome starry carpet, popcorn stands, and lots of happy movie-goers. However, Shrewsbury's cinema had a large BEN AND JERRYS stand, which I have NEVER seen in an American cinema! I was really tempted to have some Phish Food or similar, but the prices? OH MY GOODNESS.
I try to avoid going to Ben and Jerry's at home because it's so expensive, except on special occasions (like I Have Just Been To The Gym And Now Deserve A Pint of Phish Food).
And to me, "expensive" means $2.50 for a tiny cup of ice cream.
BUT HERE, it's 3.10pounds for a tiny cup!
Meaning $6.20 for a tiny cup!
Meaning you could get TWO of these for the same price:

RIDICULOUS. Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry are making BANK. I certainly hope they're giving a fair share to the cows.

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