Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hello, internetz

Maybe this is silly, but I generally just think of my blog as only read by Nosila, Magattacksyou, and maybe Alisontheinternet. I keep forgetting that this blog can be read by EVERYONE who has internet access AROUND THE WORLD. Maybe THAT'S silly...maybe Nosila and Magattacksyou ARE the only readers I have.
Anyway. Since I am theoretically speaking to everyone on the webz, here are sites you should check out if you're bored over Thanksgiving (They've greatly improved my break, so I just wanted to share the love):

1. Justice's D.A.N.C.E, a great song with a greater video:

2. Postsecret finally updated! Sometimes they don't, which is really frustrating. I count on you changing every Sunday morning, PS, and you keep letting me down:

3. Some scathing fashion criticism that my darling roommate shared with me:

4. I love old Penguin book covers -- the designs are so simple, yet there's something really captivating about them. I found this site last week during Art History; click on a thumbnail to look through all the covers:

5. Another internet gem I found during Art History. This magazine (GOOD) has this section called "Transparency," which is a collection of really nicely done infographics about world issues. I love information design, and I used this website as inspiration for our last Science & Tech page:
(The Solar Power infographic is my fav)

6. I'm generally too poor to buy lots of magazines, so I like to read this online instead. Their design AND content are cool. BALLLLER.

7. Only the best show on TV these days: Are you on team Lauren or team Heidi, internet friend?

8. Another great infographic HAHAHAHA:

Okay, that's enough finds for one day, I think. And, Thanksgiving dinner's ready. Mmmmmm.


MagAttacksYou said...


my name is alfred and i am reading from duxenflours, germany.

i much enjoy blog your. germans love internetz the. and most germans dyslexic are.


(this comment would be much better if you allowed anonymous posts. geez.)

alison said...

helen, i had the same realization the other day.GOD. good thing we both have really wonderful things to say, or these blogs would be embarassing.