Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Okay, here are my top ten reasons why Thanksgiving is a great holiday:
1. Yesterday I slept from 11:00 p.m. to 2:35 p.m. and even had some dreams! I don't dream very much anymore since I'm so tired all the time, so it was a nice change.
2. Tonight my mom and I made chocolate sauce (for ice cream). And didn't argue! at all!
3. On Tuesday night my mom and I went to a Thai restaurant and I got some yummy pad thai. She then told me that the car "smelled like alcohol." And asked "if I drank," to which I replied "um, no, not today." AAAAAAHHH!
4. I stole some great tunes from my bro, including: Justice, Ratatat, The Knife, Jose Gonzalez, and more Broken Social Scene.
5. I have time to sit down and read. Today I read "Best of Brochure Design 6," which was the closest to book design I could find. I wish I'd checked out more books before the break.
6. My kitties suddenly don't hate me anymore, which is nice. Except one of them threw up last night (EW).
7. My brother's chinchillas are cute and soft and fun to pet. I especially like Lyle, who only has three legs.
8. I rode Blaze today; it was really fun and he didn't misbehave. I hate riding in the winter because it's so cold and the wind always numbs your face, but that didn't happen since it was like 70 degrees today. Thanks, Global Warming!
9. I can drive and blast my music and sing as loudly as I want. I love my ipod and listening to music on my computer(s), but I can never sing out loud without looking/sounding insane. Also, the sick bass in my car drowns out my singing voice.
10. Hopefully I'll hang out with Ana/Sophia and Lauren later this week. It's weird to switch from seeing them every day in high school to only seeing them on holidays...But this way we've all kind of accumulated a lot of stories to share.


Nosila said...

Of course your car smells like alcohol, because YOU always smell like alcohol, you drunk. :)

thanksgiving holiday is kind of the best.

susaloo said...

i read your blog!

alison said...

can i meet your horse one day?