Monday, November 26, 2007


Earlier, I was really angry about being jerked back to Raleigh and back to reality. Away from my 12+ hrs of sleep, away from my kitties, away from delicious food, away from my beautiful car. But. I'm here now, and I guess there are some good things here. So, in an attempt to be positive about school/life, here are nine things I was excited to come back to (I named them all "My ______" like Scrubs episodes):

1. My consistent water pressure. My water pressure in my Durham shower is weak, but here I can actually rinse all the shampoo out of my hair.

2. My Mac. My home PC moans and groans and tries to shut down whenever I open AIM, the interwebz or similar. I think it's so full of music and high school English papers that it's diseased somehow. Also, my laptop doesn't get the internet at home because my mom FORGOT the password for our wireless "LDEAR" system. NICE.

3. My roommate She made cookies, cleaned the kitchen and brought back Glamour. And she's just kind of great in general.

4. My knowledge map Today I did one outline drawering in Illustratorof my brother developing a photograph. ONE. It's going slowly, but I like this map about a million times more than my first studio map.

5. My job designing + friends + bojangles' runs + monie$$ + office hours where i do nothing = my job right now

6. My clothes Over thanksgiving break, I brought home ONE shirt and TWO pairs of pants. Dumb dumb dumb. It's nice to be back to having options.

7. My knowledge of missing links Meredith just told us all about missing links; too bad I KNOW MISSING LINKS VERY WELL ALREADY! Hey, 12:59. Hey, missing links. Yep, I forgot about you. CRAP.

8. My gmail Today I received several emails with me/LauraW/Alison/Maggie animated as dancing elves, which pretty much made my morning.

9. My routine I'm such a freak, but I really LIKE having a routine of having to do this and that in whatever order. I like structure. I hate change. Now I'm back in my little structured world, which is kind of like an invisible security blanket. I know that in 45 minutes I will trek to the office, hit up the budget office for some colored paper, draw out the front page, go to the budget meeting, split pages, eat dinner, design, design, send pages, go home, watchy trashy TV with Alison and go to sleep.

It's nice to be back. Sort of.

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MagAttacksYou said...

i'm glad you are optimistic about your job! your job is optimistic about you. and the elves. and i love you. come hang out with me.